The Team

There are a lot of people who continue to be involved in World Flight from its inception and without their help World Flight would not be able to continue and grow.

The following are some of the World Flight Australia Team members who work together planning and development of Worldflight Australia.

Matt Sheil
Matt is the owner and developer of the 747-400 Simulator - Virtual Cockpit Project and has been working tirelessly since January 1998 on its construction. He is responsible for ensuring that our aircraft is serviceable at all times for the event as well as a majority of the planning associated with World Flight Australia.
Matt is married with 4 children and he is the Managing Director of a Truck Accessories company in Australia. Matt holds a Private Pilots Licence and a Command Instrument Rating.

Terry Scanlan
Terry is responsible for Training and Fund Raising in World Flight .
Terry is retired and married with two daughters and three grandchildren, has held a Pilot’s Licence and has been an active member of the virtual online network since 1995.

John Golin
John is responsible for IT Management and Ticketing for all Worldflight projects (including this site... except any bits that don't work !)

Rodney Redwin
Rodney works along with John Golin in both IT and technical aspects of the operations of the simulator. He also manages the forum on this site. Rod is an accomplished chef and treats the crew to an excellent BBQ during the WorldFlight event.

Peter Wyer
Peter is responsible for the Accounting aspect of World Flight and assists with the Fund Raising.
Married with 2 children, he is a Partner at V J Ryan & Co Chartered Accountants. Peter has been an aviation buff for over 25 years and held a RPPL for a few years. Interests are bushwalking, golf and aviation. Peter has promised not to discuss tax in the sim as in the past this tends to put people to sleep!

Ed Parker
Ed is our specialist in Route Planning for World Flight .
Ed recently reached the age 50 milestone, the last 30 of which have been spent as a practising communications engineer. He has been a PS1 user since its release in 1996, with an interest in FMS and navigation. He holds an amateur radio licence and a keen cyclist and resides in Melbourne.

Rob Hooley
Rob coordinates the flight crew and ATC rosters at World Flight and is responsible for ensuring we have ATC to talk to wherever we fly. He recently graduated from UTS and is currently a consultant software engineer based in Manly, NSW. On the weekends Rob is usually “smashing bugs” as he completes training at a local flying school, holding endorsements on a number of single engine types.

Gary Richards
Gary is a software engineer and has been instrumental in writing software for both the visual and motion systems. Without Gary’s input the sim would not rock and roll like it does nor would the visual system be as good as it is today.