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Commences Sunday 2nd November!


Worldwide Event
Participants from around the globe raise money for their own charities by conducting their own events;

Worldflight Group WorldFlight Australia
WorldFlight Clipper 747
WorldFlight Australia Mangrove
WorldFlight WA 737
WorldFlight Team Airbus
Worldflight TAS 737
Simfest UK
WorldFlight UK - Team UFly737
WorldFlight UK -Team FDE737
Worldflight Germany
CB-Worldfight Team USA

Virtual Flight for Charity

WorldFlight Australia is a virtual round the world flight that has raised over $200,000 for The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service.

WORLDFLIGHT 2014 will commence in Sydney on Sunday November 2nd and finish 7 days later on Sunday November 9th. As we get closer to the departure date we will provide more details of the route, flight plans and suggested scenery links so that other members of the VATSIM network can join in and fly along with the group. Live video feeds can be found on our INTERACT pages and you can follow the fun on our FaceBook page.

Simulator rides in the Boeing 747-400 cockpit can be arranged but we do ask for a donation to the RFDS (receipt provided for tax purposes). The donation is based on time spent in the cockpit and is;
$150 for an hour
$200 for 2 hours
$350 for 3 hours and over

No experience is necessary as an instructor is with you teaching you how to fly the aircraft and performing many interesting approach and landings.

To arrange a flight, contact Terry Scanlan
Email :
Mobile : 0438647409

VATSIM Approved Charity Event



WorldFlight on Facebook

With just over a week to go, both of our Sydney based B747-400 aircraft are undergoing a D-Check or HMV. The engineers are saying that the aircraft will be ready for the start of WF2014 and we have no reason to worry that they will not be ready :) Other aircraft in the Australian fleet are also having the finishing touches to new equipment and in fact our W.A team have built an entirely new 737 for the event. We are in touch with our other team members overseas and they are all ready to go and w

24th Oct, 2014

WorldFlight on Facebook

Did I say recently that WF2014 was a little under 3 weeks away??, crikey it is now just 2 weeks away and so much to do.

18th Oct, 2014

WorldFlight on Facebook

WorldFlight commented on their own link.

16th Oct, 2014

WorldFlight on Facebook

WorldFlight commented on their own status.

13th Oct, 2014

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